Veganism Has Grown More Than 500% Since 2014

Today, of America’s population, 6% now publicly declare themselves as vegans. This is an outstanding increase of 600% compared to only 1% in 2014. This report brings to the fore how many Americans have embraced the vegan lifestyle of no-flesh eaters.

From the notable report, “Trends in prepared food for the year 2017“, put together by a research company, Global Data, the conclusion is an obvious one – something to be conscious of in this century.

“Vegan Queso Dip”

Why Americans are fast becoming vegans is connected with the health benefits, the environment and animal cruelty issues. I would say that veganism has grown mainly because of health concerns, although the reasons for the high growth in veganism can be attributed to many reasons.

1. The Major Trends

The report above identified 6 major trends that have caused changes in prepared diets as regards consumers’ practices. Here is a list of the six considerations that portray consumer behavioral patterns in prepared food consumption.

Going Meat-Free
The general awareness of the health risks of red meat and the increase in veganism are encouraging more and more people to turn to this. This tops the way consumers now prefer their foods.

“Gluten Free Chickpea Curry “

Health Swaps
This highlights the intelligence of consumers about food ingredients and hence they change to alternatives to prepared foods which have greater benefits.
Inspiration borrowing
Getting more ideas by borrowing from food categories help create some positive innovations.

Easy And Fresh
Consumers who have little time to spare love to eat good, but also want their foods cooked with the available fresh ingredients.

Ethical Eating
Here, consumers link ethical lifestyles that are sustainable to wellness and wellbeing and hence make demands for correctly prepared foods.

2. Meat Is Linked To Causing Diseases

One major connection with eating red meat is heart-related diseases. A study, the largest study, shows that eating meat is more likely to make a person get infected with nine different diseases than not consuming meat, or less of it.

A 26% higher chance of dying from such a disease is likely to occur. This is why the American College of Cardiology is watchful about this and has recommended meat-free diets instead.

Plant-based proteins, based on research, is certified more heart-friendly than animal-based proteins.

3. Vegan Athletes Are Not Inferior To Meat Eaters

“Vega Athlete David Meyer – Brazillian Jiu Jitsu”

The performance of vegan athletes in major competitions also shows some positives as to why there will be a strong increase in the number of people going vegan. From research, plant-based protein is deemed better for bodybuilding compared to animal protein. This is because the harmful elements in animal protein are completely eliminated. Plant protein is filled with fiber, phytonutrients and antioxidants that will help with body cleansing and protection against diseases.

4. Increase In Restaurants And Stores

Veganism will continue to grow increasingly as the number of shops and restaurants offering vegan food are on the high. This will no doubt encourage the eating of vegan foods even for first timers. Many other food stores are incorporating or completely turning vegan.

“Superiority Burger – The best Vegan Restaurant in New York City”In New York, the biggest dairy company totally shifted towards plant protein by going for plant-based milk production.

The reasons go on and on why there is shift towards veganism, especially millennials becoming vegans.

5. The Effect On The Global Market

Foods that are purely of plant origin have been predicted to see a noticeable rise in the coming years.Forecasters have it that the growth will rise astronomically in the market to hit a $5.2 billion high in the year 2020, while the milk sector (plant-based) will go as high as $16 billion by the year 2018.

The searchlight was beamed on other areas as well, where it is expected consumers will see some innovation. The talk of a cruelty-free alternative to meat was also highlighted as an expected innovation.

Clearly, veganism is winning. Recent research in nutrition is proving this right. Veganism cuts across every field of life today and will continually grow with every passing year with these strong revelations. You’d find sportsmen and women who are completely meat-free and doing extremely well, winning medals in major events. The success story goes on.

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