The Growing Acceptance Of Vegan Foods Is Linked To Health Awareness

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It was reported that few months after The World Health Organization made its publication on the danger of eating red meat and processed meat, the UK saw a tremendous cut in the amount of meat consumption. This goes to show how people are conscious of their health conditions and have ears for information. This is an information age and it definitely offers positives to our lives.


The growing acceptance of vegan lifestyles cannot be ruled out concerning health awareness issues. Millennials are the most beneficiary group today compared to past generations with the power of the internet in their hands They tend to be more actively involved in health matters due to the availability of the internet.

Several reasons back up this view, as seen in many circles.

1. Becoming A Vegan Talks More Of Health Benefits

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Before this time, veganism was more looked at as a pretentious lifestyle that was more about animal cruelty and environmental issues. Browsing through the web today on why you should be a vegan, you’d probably find more health benefit reasons than cruelty and environmental concerns.

Monitoring the “top ten reasons why go vegan” – avoiding heart diseases, keeping slim and sexy, animal meats being dirty and other reasons top the list of major reasons why to go vegan.

This shows more about health concerns and many writing on this topic see general health consciousness as the major reason to go vegan. The wide acceptance can also be attributed to the internet and how much information is accessible today, as seen in various blogs and websites.

2. Social Media’s Role In Raising The Awareness

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From a report monitored in The Guardian, why millennials are going vegan, one of the young folks interviewed, Reece, who became vegan, claimed that the majority influence came from the social media and not from celebrity influences. The social media is a strong force to know what is trending, and since information is power, getting some new members into a group is very possible. Many people often put the focus on a particular medium as being more informative on vegan issues. Instagram, for example, has been identified as having a strong influence and wealth of information by various groups as seen from the title of The Guardian publication.

3. Medical Health Propelling The Awareness

If anything has helped propel this awareness on health, medical reports and recommendations have been more of help in this direction.First was the World Health Organization publication on processed and red meat consumption. Other medical proofs also goes a long way in making the awareness stronger.

Many fertility test issues and heart related issues are often linked to eating red meat. Doctors and medical institutions likewise have shifted from recommending food containing red meat to their patients. Instead, hospitals now replace their patient’s meals with better, nutritious plant-based food.

There is no doubting the fact that health awareness is one major reason why veganism is growing rapidly. The various channels to this can be through the social media, websites and blogs. With the approval of medical science on this issue and claims by regulatory agencies like the WHO, the awareness becomes even stronger and the reasons more to try veganism.

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